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Increased US drone strikes in Pakistan killing few highvalue militants marked as neither a friend or foe (mark as friend | mark as foe) user number 11890
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The United States and its European allies are considering the use of naval assets to deliver humanitarian aid to Libya and to block arms shipments to the government of Moammar Gaddafi, even as they weigh the legality of imposing a no-fly zone without United Nations authorization, according to U.S...
Attempts to fail a baseline test to make postconcussion tests look better have reached youth sports, medical professionals say.    Bolstered
by better-than-expected

economic data, mortgage rates appear headed up, according to the latest data released by Freddie Mac.
The 30-year fixed-rate average soared to its highest point in nearly seven months, rising to 3.63
percent with an average 0.8 point.
It was up from 3.52
percent a week ago, but down from 3.92
percent a year ago.
Since climbing above 3.5 percent in late January, the 30-year fixed rate has held steady or increased every week but one. Read full article >> Britain has vetoed a visit by two American activists on the grounds that they might stir up trouble at a far-right rally this weekend.
Is the government right to ban foreign troublemakers or is the right to free speech paramount? Cuba sent a powerful message in the World Baseball Classic by beating Japan 6-3 on Wednesday with a long-ball display to close round-robin play in Asia as the only unbeaten team. The Museum

of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, which has been facing financial problems and considering possible mergers, said it would stay independent. Leading Olympic official John Coates was "amazed" that wrestling was recommended for the axe from the Summer Games last month and thinks the sport still has a very good chance of retaining its place in the program. Threat to academic freedom and basic research began long before current protests, he says Jordan Spieth, 19, only the second golfer to win the United States Junior Amateur championship multiple times, is competing this week in the AT&T National.    
MEXICO CITY - A survivor of a massacre

in northern Mexico told investigators that the

72 people found dead at a ranch were undocumented migrants who were kidnapped by a drug gang on their way to the U.S. border.
Imposing 'wilding' agenda in the Cambrians is akin to ripping out the living, exgirlfriend guru of the Welsh language and cultureWednesday is market day in Machynlleth, as it has been for 722 years. Walk down the town's main street on market day and among the dozens of stalls selling everything from organic courgettes to army surplus gear, you will hear a dizzy array of accents: Welsh, Brummie, Mancunian, home counties, cockney, some quite hard to place.
Often too, you'll hear snatches of the Welsh language, but the predominant tongue by far is English.The diversity of accents at the local sheep market, tucked away almost symbolically behind rows of houses to the north of the town, is also broad, but with one clear difference: these are the many dialects of Cymraeg, the Welsh language. Here, it is spoken English that is in a tiny minority.In
a place just a couple of hours from the heartland of the most expansionist linguistic culture in history, the continuation of an ancient language and culture may seem puzzling, but the fact that this persistence is strongest among those families who have farmed the Cambrian Mountains for thousands of years certainly isn't.
Throughout the world, it is within agricultural and hunter gatherer communities that traditions and languages persist the most. And within our farming community the Welsh language and culture is not just stronger; it is, to all intents and purposes, universal.George Monbiot is apparently appalled by the insinuation that replacing agriculture in the Cambrians with a 'wilded' environment, where locals derive an income from tourism, would be akin to the displacement of Native Americans to create Yellowstone National Park.
What is truly appalling is that he does not recognise the analogy.Appalling,
but sadly not shocking: over the past half century we have witnessed the arrival of countless rat-race refugees and environmental fundamentalists, all determined to reconnect with rural life and nature, seemingly oblivious to the fact that their new-found paradise is already occupied by people whose connection with the land is deep rooted, dates back thousands of years, and is embedded in their language and culture.While
many quickly recognise reality and become genuine and welcome members of the community, others hide themselves away among the English ex-pat community, busying themselves with sorting out the world's problems, usually starting on their own

doorsteps.Mike trade miner download Englishman 'gone native', summarises the position perfectly in Neighbours from Hell?, his book about English attitudes to the Welsh:"Never underestimate the zeal of the convert � they arrive in rural, Welsh-speaking Wales, fired up with a righteous sense of 'doing the right thing' in their environmental work, and nothing is allowed to dent that.
Underpinning many of these attitudes is a deep-rooted certainty � that they have far more to teach the Welsh than the other way around."Perhaps
it is the language barrier, or some similar harmless obstacle or misunderstanding which creates this attitude, but it has the distinct aura of plain old fashioned English colonialism � only with the quinine replaced by camomile tea, and a new, written form of gun-boat diplomacy.It's
all stuff we are used to here, so why the particular anger among the Welsh about George Monbiot's wilding articles and book?Aside from the fact that wilding would destroy a host of sites of special scientific interest, what is most offensive is the way in which reality is twisted to vilify those people and practices which must be displaced in order to create the wild Wales of English romantic myth.To this end, a

landscape is portrayed where "�towers of smoke ...[rise]� from the hills as the farmers burn tracts of gorse and trees in order to claim more public money". And as if the battalion of EU-funded pyromaniac farmers seeking to "� expand the area eligible for � subsidy" [1] wasn't destructive enough, they are accompanied by an infantry of sheep which lay waste to everything the flames have failed to destroy.Powerful images, but as much a work of fiction as the felling of Fangorn Forest by Saruman and his Orcs: sheep have been farmed in Wales for thousands of years, while area payments were introduced in 2005 � the same year in which Good Agricultural and Environmental Condition (GAEC) rules were introduced and the area eligible for payments was fixed.So
what impact has this alleged 'slash-and-burn-then-graze' policy "perfectly designed � for maximum ecological destruction", had? Miraculously, since GAEC was introduced in 2005 it has resulted in a doubling of the amount of woodland on Welsh upland farms, and a 65% increase in the same across Wales as a clickbankpirate same period, Welsh sheep numbers fell by around

20%, while studies of stocking numbers in vast areas of the Cambrian Mountains suggest that sheep numbers have peaked and troughed, but on the whole changed little, or diminished, over the past century.Of
course, it stands to reason that overgrazing can have a range of damaging impacts, but equally intuitive is the damage caused by the complete removal of herbivores, domestic or otherwise, which have been present for thousands of years â�� hence the RSPB's conclusion (pdf) that "â�¦ undergrazing and loss of vegetation structure is now occurring in some areas, with adverse impacts for some species such as golden plover and other waders."Not surprisingly, Monbiot's proposed changes to the CAP would render the businesses which undertake such grazing unviable â�� farms which despite having average incomes of the order of �£21,000, nevertheless input the best part of �£100,000 into the rural economy each year specifically because they farm sheep.Given
that agriculture is estimated to support over 10% of full time employees in Wales (pdf), the implications of any proposals for change need to be carefully considered, especially when they have a wilding in mind, which rural economists generally regard with extreme scepticism.Finally, academic ponderings aside, what would the impacts be for my own children and their classmates? A quick head-count reveals that of the 46 children in their classes, 67% Welsh as a first language, of whom 39% are from sheep farming

families, and 75% are reliant, to varying degrees, on sheep farming.Wild?
No; we are completely livid.�
Nick Fenwick is the director of agriculture policy, Farmers' Union of Wales. He's also the English translator of 'A portrait of Machynlleth and its surroundings'MountainsFarmingWalesWildlifeRural © 2013 Guardian News and Media Limited or its affiliated companies. All rights reserved. | Use of this content is subject to our Terms & Conditions | More Feeds     In real estate, few laws provoke as much controversy and litigation as those concerned with historic preservation of architectural landmarks. NASUWT and NUT plan regional

walkouts in October followed by national strike in dispute over pay and pensionsTeachers are to stage a one-day national walkout in the autumn in an ongoing row over pay, pensions and workload.Every
region in England forex growth- bot will be affected by strikes in the first and third weeks of October, the NASUWT and the National Union of Teachers (NUT) said. This will be followed by a national strike later in the term.The
unions said there would be rolling strikes across England and Wales in the weeks beginning 30 September and 14 October.
The two unions staged a regional walkout in the north-west last month.Chris Keates, general secretary of the NASUWT, said: "The secretary of state needs to take seriously the very deep concerns and anger of teachers and school leaders.
[He] has the opportunity to avoid further national strike action by demonstrating that he is willing to engage seriously on the issues that we have put to him."Christine Blower, general secretary of the NUT, said: "Strike action is always a last resort for teachers and they are very well aware of the difficulties that this causes for parents and pupils.
Teachers, however, have been left with

no option. If we do not take a stand now to defend the profession, then the consequences for teacher recruitment and education will be disastrous for all."The education secretary, Michael Gove, wrote to both unions in March saying he was willing to meet them to discuss their dispute, but also insisting that the "direction of travel" on both of their key issues � pay and pensions � was fixed.Under the government's reforms,

due to come into effect from this autumn, teachers' pay will be linked to performance in the classroom, with schools setting salaries rather than following a national framework.
Changes have also been made to public sector pensions.A Department for Education spokesman said: "We are very disappointed that the NUT and NASUWT have announced they will be taking further strike action, which less than a quarter of teachers actually voted for. Industrial action will disrupt pupils' education, hugely inconvenience parents and damage the profession's reputation in the eyes of the public at a time when our reforms are driving up standards across the country."It
is disappointing that the NUT and NASUWT are opposing measures to allow heads to pay good teachers more.
We have met frequently with the NUT and NASUWT to discuss their concerns and will continue to do so."TeachingSchoolsTrade
unionsEducation directory of ezine pdf payPublic sector
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| Use of this content is subject to our Terms & Conditions | More Feeds     The year of the upset this is not. So far,

at least. Democratic Rep.
Ed Markey's Senate special election victory in Massachusetts on Tuesday was widely expected. It was the political equivalent of Occam's Razor -- the simplest explanation tends to be the right one. The same can be said of the rest of the 2013 special election landscape thus far. Read full article >>     Two

Iranian citizens, whom officials accused of planning to attack Western targets inside

Kenya, were found guilty on Thursday by a Kenyan court of terrorism-related charges.    
Q. A water line burst in our home and created a significant leak. We were home and able to contain most of the water, but quite a bit got through the floor, ruining the drywall ceiling in the basement.
Is there an easy way to deal with water-damaged drywall? Can we just wait for it to dry and the...
The American team begins play in the regional championship against Belize in Portland, Ore., on July 9.    
Professional affinity communities, which I find most appealing, are few and far between. The State Department has determined that Mexico can receive millions in anti-drug money that was contingent on its human-rights performance, but officials said Friday that they are withholding additional funds in hopes of seeing more progress.
European Union antitrust authorities raided the offices of major telecommunications companies this week in an inquiry into anticompetitive behavior.    
The 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance race is set to begin Saturday at 3 p.m.

local time, attracting race fans from around the world.     The organizers of the concert, set for late August outside Albany, hope to find support and money among country music fans.    
U.S. stocks fell last week, but the Standard & Poor's 500-stock index still finished the year with its biggest annual increase in six years. However, the major rally that began in March couldn't prevent the index from posting its worst decade ever.
With New York City�s murder rate at a historic low, the Police Department has shifted attention and resources to fatal automobile
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